posted on Monday, January 28, 2008

Are you ready for an IPO? MIT Global Broadcast -- February 13

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Is your company ready to go public? Now? In a few years? How will you know and what are the steps you can take to be sure you're ready?

Find out from experienced entrepreneurs who have done the due diligence, traveled the road show, and successfully taken their companies public. And hear from the financial side as to what investors are looking for from companies interested in printing stock certificates someday.

Join the MIT Enterprise Forum and the NASDAQ Educational Foundation for our next Global Broadcast. "Are You Ready for an IPO" will focus on:
. the issues a company must address before going public,
. the pros and cons of different markets,
. how the current economic landscape can help or hurt your funding strategies, and
. when is the right time for your company to make the move.

National panelists will include Jonathan Bush, Chairman and CEO, athenahealth; Bruce Evans, Managing Partner, Summit Partners; Jonathan Goldstein ('83, '84, SM '86), Managing Director, TA Associates; and Gail Goodman, President and CEO, Constant Contact .

The national panel presentation will be followed by a Seattle panel discussion and Q&A from the audience with moderator John Castle, University of Washington and panelists including David McShea, Partner, Perkins Coieand Michelle Burris, CFO, Trubion.


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