posted on Tuesday, April 10, 2007

MIT NW Venture Lab "Demo 2007" - Call for Entries

The deadline for submissions is April 20, 2007

Calling all entrepreneurs! The MIT Venture Lab is pleased to announce our
June 7th "Start up Demo 2007" event. 

This is the only event in the region that allows you, the entrepreneur, to
show your wares to a room filled with other entrepreneurs, early stage
investors, and media representatives.  The only catch is that your new
product or service must be something that can be "demo'd".  In other words,
we want to see your product in action!

If your startup is looking for exposure, the MIT Venture lab is here for
you. Please send a one-page email describing your company or service to

The email should include the following:
- Company Name
- Contact Information
- Quick description of product or service
- Brief description of Target Market
- Status of the product/service (prototype, beta, Version 1 launched, etc).

Based on your submission, the Venture Lab will select 10-12 companies to
present to our screening committee on May 10th.  From there, the committee
will select 6 companies to demo their product at the June 7th Venture lab.

Your 10-minute presentation should be as follows:
- Introduction of presenter/company - 30 seconds
- Discussion of basic market need - 1 minute
- How the company built product - 2-3 minutes
     o This includes specifics like where they found developers, and
manufactures, how they initiated partnerships, how they were able to
motivate if they had few funds, and timelines for development.  This is
where the attendees will learn the nuts and bolts of new product development
in an entrepreneurial environment.
- Product Demo - 5 minutes.

Afterwards, we'll have time for Q&A from the audience.  A panel of judges
representing entrepreneurs, investors, and the media will select a winner at
the event.

This is a one of a kind opportunity to showcase your business in front of a 
 group eager to learn about you.  Please consider presenting at the MIT
Venture Lab 2007 this June! 


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