posted on Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What campaigns are teaching us about social media

I'm really looking forward to the MIT Enterprise Forum "Campaign Tech 2.0" (Bellevue WA, 16 April 2008) because, as a marketer, I'm increasingly amazed at the vast potential for social media.

Grassroots has grown up. In 2004 we heard all about Howard Dean's online fundraising, and MoveOn's internet-based rallying. In the 2008 presidential campaigns Clinton, McCain and Obama are deeply leveraging the latest technologies.

Presidential campaigns are an interesting study because they have huge budgets and everything at stake -- their drop-dead deadline is November. No extensions (we hope).

I want to know what the campaign experience can teach us about using social media. Example: CNN was interviewing bloggers in prime time during the 2004 Democratic Convention; can any 2008 campaign succeed without wooing bloggers? Or is it Facebook and Newsvine they need to manage now?

I'm looking forward to seeing how moderator David Postman explores this topic. He's the chief political reporter for The Seattle Times -- and a blogger.

His panelists include campaigners: Cathy Allen's campaign strategies, targeting, messaging and media relations have an exceptional winning record for the women candidate clients of The Connections Group. Christian Sinderman is an experienced campaign manager, and was Communications Director for WA Senator Maria Cantwell's upset victory in 2000.

And technoligists: Trace Anderson founded Blue Utopia to bring enterprise-level technology to political campaigns. Mike Davidson is founder of Newsvine, a subsidiary of, and formerly worked for Disney online.

It will be an interesting evening. I hope you will join us. Here's a link, if you want to sign up now:


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