posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Topic Brainstorming for 2008-09

We'll be announcing our annual brainstorming meeting soon. Since you're a loyal blog reader, I'll let you in on the secret: It will be on May 20, UW main campus, Balmer Hall, Room 203, 4:00 pm-6:00 pm.

This is the don't-miss yearly meet-up where everyone who is anyone shares their best ideas for program topics. Ever wonder how we come up with program topics like "Crouching Investor, Hidden Dollar," 'When the Shift Hits the Plan," or "Got Sales?" Now you can see first-hand.

Everyone is welcome at this confab, and it's a lot of fun. We'll brainstorm ideas, discuss them loudly, eat and drink, and keep debating the meaning of the Universe, until we have a list of great ideas for our season starting September 2008. Plus you'll meet some of the brightest people in Seattle, eyeball to eyeball.

Program planning teams start emerging at this gathering, which means the people there in the flesh get first choice of which teams to join. Did you want to work on last year's M&A program but the team was full? That doesn't have to happen to you this year. You must be present to win.

Oh, did I mention there would be snack food and soft drinks?

Be there! North end of campus, enter from NE 45th and ask the gate attendant.

If you don't get an invitation by e-mail this week, contact JaRon Snow for the meeting details. mitenterpriseforum at verizon,net.


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