posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MIT Venture Lab Special Event! Spring 2008 Startup Demo -- June 5th

Startup Demo is back by popular demand!!!

For years, the Venture Lab team has brought in outside speakers and industry leaders to share insight and wisdom with our attendees.  During that time, we’ve been able to meet our attendees and marvel at the cool ideas and companies they are building.  For our Startup Demo - Spring 2008, we’re turning the stage over to them, the entrepreneurs.

Our Startup Demo - Spring 2008 will feature 6 early stage startups from the Seattle area demonstrating their new products and services to the audience.  The products vary from enterprise software to renewable power generation.

If you’re interested in getting an early look at what could be the next big thing or you’re an entrepreneur that would like to see what your peers are up to, please join us at the Startup Demo - Spring 2008 event. 

In addition to their demo, presenters will discuss:

·         How they built the product
·         How the team funded the product development & how long it took
·         What outside resources were leveraged
·         Why the company was created in the first place

A review panel will select a “winner”. 

Judges include:

John Cook – Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Brier Dudley – The Seattle Times
Paul Bialek – General Partner – Frazier Technology Ventures
Enrique Godreau III – Managing Director – Voyager Capital
Nathan McDonald – Director – Keiretsu Forum
Rebecca Lovell – Program Director – Alliance of Angels


Has developed personalized, visually based web software for patients and healthcare providers for the screening, prevention, and management of chronic diseases 

Has developed small in-stream hydrokinetic turbines that make renewable power from fast-flowing currents in irrigation canals, constructed waterways, rivers and tidal channels.
Has developed a bleeding edge software platform offering the newest and quickest way to screen job applicants.  

ForWord Input
Has developed a patented software text input system for stylus- or finger-based touch-screen devices that allows the user to input text at speeds exceeding 40 to 50 words per minute. (SwypeTM)

Has developed a social networking site for verifying “factualness” of statements made by media, business, and government. 

Snowflake ITM
Has developed a hosted enterprise platform that dramatically simplifies and improves the way today’s dynamic organizations manage people and tasks.


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