posted on Monday, November 24, 2008

The Changing World of Advertising

With our next dinner program on January 14th focused on how advertising is changing, articles and blog posts on every aspect of advertising is catching our team's attention. We are currently immersed in interviews and discussions for this broad-based but ever changing topic.

The all-volunteer team wants to learn about how those who purchase media are evolving and how they decide what to spend where, and why. We also want to hear how those representing various mediums feel about how things are changing. Additionally, hearing about how local companies have promoted themselves solely through one particular medium is also very interesting.

Last week, John Cook blogged on TechFlash about how growth in on-line ad revenues is flat - and the implications for our local companies who create revenues this way.

What else are you reading out there that could add to the advertising discussion?

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Blogger Blog Owner said...

I'm wondering if Amazon's ad company "Adzinia" will come out with a novel approach, or just be another competitor to the typical online ad models. The company started quietly 11 months ago, and recently changed its name. "Bullseye" didn't have A and Z in it; neither does "downturn."


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